Adapt, Rest, Flow

Adapt, rest, then let it flow…
We have ALL the magical tools we need to overcome ANY obstacle that comes our way on this healing journey but sometimes we must take a step back to assess, adapt and then let it all flow out of us just like a river. Goddess Rhea is the grandmother of Persephone and according to myths she had to give up her children to Cronos after birth for his fear of them taking power from him, as he did with his Father. Working with Gaia Mother Earth she was eventually able to free ALL her children with the help of the one son she was able to save, Zeus. With the Goddess Aine of adaptability appearing first with the 4 of swords in between, Spirit is clearly reminding us of our divinity and freedom to ” course correct” once we take a moment to rest and reset our goals. Mabon, Autumn Equinox, is the moment Persephone descends to “The Underworld” also known as the “Spirit World” and Samhain is when she is crowned yearly & takes her throne…she was the unwanted grandchild of Cronos yet Rhea fought for her exsistance…what old stories of yourself can you rewrite this week my friends? With Samhain falling on a Blue Moon this year as well know the Goddesses bless you with their support on your journey. Every day the veils thin more and more, 6 days and counting, are you ready for it?

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