Believe in your Blue Moon Magic!

This Samhain not only the Fae but the Mermaid Oracle as well are being clear with their messages…trust your intuition! Many veils, not before thinned, will be LIFTED for those who honor their sacred healing journey, reminding us again that we are spiritual beings having a “human👽” experience and not the other way around. The Fairy of Moonlight often appears when we have too many thoughts or are confused, you can call on this Fairy to help you with your concerns as she is one who sends inspiration to write down your thoughts, poetry or songs. Don’t censor yourself for writing down what is in your head can be very therapeutic: once the words are down on paper you have released them from your mind. You can bury or burn the paper to fully release any cares, worry or concerns. This full blue moon will be especially potent on helping us release and manifest our highest intentions so don’t hold back. “Peace of mind is possible, so open your eyes & see the magic that is all around you.” Never believe you are anything other than divine magic and so it shall be!🕯”This is what it’s like when worlds collide… memories glowing dim as embers, yet never going out. Places you’ve never been before but KNOW without ANY doubt. People you’ve never met but known in other lives, this is what it’s like when worlds collide.” Persephone’s Dream: A Healer’s Journey🕯Many Samhain blessings to your family on Mother Earth and in the Spirit World


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